Eco Sensory

Eco Sensory

Eco Sensory therapy is an innovative and pioneering therapy that uses nature to improve human well-being. Our professional instructors provide expert guidance and facilitate sessions within the beautiful natural setting of Oak Therapies. Studies have shown that nature-based therapies are beneficial to people of all ages, genders, and cultures. They can help with a range of physical health needs, such as:

  •  Mental health needs (depression, anxiety etc)
  •  Developmental needs (ADHD, autism etc).
  •  Difficulties in relationships

The natural environment is where we belong, we are connected to nature in more ways than we realise and being outdoors is proven to benefit our mental well-being.

At Oak Therapies we use the natural environment and outdoor activities to help you self-regulate. Simple tasks such as building a den can have therapeutic benefits for a child or a group of family members. These new experiences enable us to connect with each other as well as ourselves within a safe and secure environment.

Each session is client led which means we work with how each person is feeling at the time of arrival. We support you in feeling safe and secure and therefore ready to explore nature and discover new pathways of creativity.