What parents say…

 Since bringing my son to Oak Therapies, I can honestly say he has developed on so many levels, which includes his motor skills, confidence, and even listening! 

He loves being part of a team and making friends (even though he’s non-verbal) as it gives him an opportunity for much-needed social interaction outside of a school setting; it has helped him gain self-confidence. 

We as a family have learned to notice when he becomes ‘overstimulated’ and what triggers affect his behaviour. We have also learned tools to help soothe and calm him through breathing and by allowing larger movements.

It has helped us all to understand and work with my son to help him when he needs it most. Oak Therapies, thank you.

Parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder 

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We first encountered O.T. Caroline Parfitt and Oak Therapies when we were desperate parents of a child experiencing high anxiety levels at school. Our 11-year-old was experiencing debilitating panic attacks, and we had tried counselling, sensory processing therapy, and social coaching. With its focus on being outside in a beautiful environment while tending to horses and their needs, Oak Therapies was a magical way of providing the perfect combination to help our daughter access therapy which she hadn’t been able to do in an indoor setting.

Oak Therapies was healing, and Caroline worked her wonder and got our daughter back to school for the beginning of Secondary Education. As a family, we are forever indebted to Caroline, who helped us see a bigger picture of how undiagnosed Autism was making secondary school such a difficult place for Ellie, where the struggle to mask all day was having a profoundly negative effect on our daughter’s mental health.

Caroline supported us in very difficult multi-disciplinary SEND meetings, being the voice of an experienced, kind and, most importantly, supremely professional occupational therapist. Caroline also helped us understand how we can help Ellie and ourselves survive and thrive in such difficult times.


 I am a ward manager of an adult female personality disorder ward and we have been working in collaboration with Oaks to incorporate sensory attachment therapy on the ward and to increase staff understanding and awareness of it. Since working with Oaks, their professional and flexible approach has been commendable and the whole patient and staff group have benefitted from their sessions.

Oak Therapies has been a fantastic resource for the ward that is supportive in nature and the staff in the team have been able to adapt their teachings to fit into the ward dynamic and needs at the time for us to get the best out of the sessions. Oak Therapies have tailored their approach to suit the wards’ needs and I cannot recommend them enough.

Joanne Austin
Ward Manager at Cygnet Health


What professionals say…

 Oak Therapies have been incredibly supportive, responsive and kind in all of our interactions. We reached out to them for some bespoke support for one of our wards, and Caroline was very helpful, creative and passionate. We are extremely thankful for the help Caroline has given, and look forward to continuing to work together to provide the best services for our patients and staff members.

Louisa Powell Hospital Manager Cygnet Hospital Maidstone