Working With Schools

Working With Schools

Here at Oak Therapies, we offer a range of curriculums through the AQA UNIT Award Scheme. These range from equine care, pig care, woodwork, horticultural and many more are available.

Additionally, we offer services for schools, such as working in schools as occupational therapists, providing consultancy services, and providing advice and workshops.

We pride ourselves in working closely with the schools in offering bespoke packages that suit individual and school requirements.

We create a stepping stone that helps the children feel safe and learn. If a child feels safe, secure, nurtured and loved, they will have the core foundation to develop relationships and learn to manage life’s difficulties through building resilience.

We currently work with several SEN schools, each having its own tailored programme. Our programmes provide access to occupational therapy, sensory integration, life skills sessions, eco-sensory therapy, equine therapy and other enrichment services.

All sessions are varied, from one-to-one sessions to group sessions.


We help with a variety of difficulties such as:

  • School non-attenders
  • Children who struggle in a classroom setting
  • Dysregulated children
  • Children who don’t like or can’t access education
  • Bad experiences from previous schools
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Lola’s story

‘We started attending sessions at Oak Therapies around 4 years ago now. Lola had recently been diagnosed with ASD and her anxiety in school was increasing. I didn’t know where to turn. Then I saw a post that ASD Ashford Support Group had shared about Oak Therapies.

I loved the idea of a ‘therapy’ session that was outside and with ponies, rather than in a room with just my daughter and a therapist. How right I was. Lola loved it and we are still attending sessions today. Caroline has been an amazing support to me and Lola. She is caring, kind and fantastic at what she does and we both love her. Over the past few years, Lola’s anxiety escalated and she was unable to return to school after Covid. Being with Caroline and the animals each week creates a structure for Lola.

Lola classes Oak Therapies as one of her ‘safe’ places – there are only 2 ‘safe’ places in Lola’s mind and that is with me and Oak Therapies. Since attending Oak Therapies, Lola has discovered a love of horses and now rides and has her own pony that she loans. As Lola gets older, Caroline also supports her with some equine-related courses/qualifications. I would not hesitate to recommend Oak Therapies to any parent or carer that needs support for their child(ren).’

Claire Setter
Lola’s Mum

Oak Therapies Equine and Outdoor Theraputic Centre
Oak Therapies Equine and Outdoor Theraputic Centre