Are you looking for something different, forward-thinking and therapeutic to offer your workforce?

Then you’ve got to try one of our Eco Away Days!

We don’t see team building, strategy days or learning & development as separate things. Just like in a forest ecosystem, these both connect and interact. Being in nature is not only calming, it helps you think better and boosts creative thinking by as much as 50%.


Benefits of our Eco Away Days:

  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Reduce workplace stress or personality clashes
  • Re-engage remote or hybrid teams
  • Manage change and set new regenerative priorities
  • Raise team performance in line with your values
Equine Therapeutic centre Kent birds

Replenish in nature

Working life can be hectic and scattered. Sadly it’s extremely common for workforces and teams to become disconnected, dissatisfied and stuck in silos. Here at Oak Therapies, we take you away from walls, screens and daily demands – allowing nature to set the pace.

We offer a fantastic range of packages but we are more than happy to design a tailor-made package, specifically for your business. Please do not hesitate to get in touch where we can discuss this further.

Oak Therapies Equine and Outdoor Theraputic Centre